Aap Sahaee Hoa

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QRSnatam Kaur (2xlow 2xhigh)(3/4)(Capo I): istok.de/14495-1

QRGurudass Singh: d a d A# C d, A# C d high: F C g d, A# C d / istok.de/14495-2

QRNirinjan Kaur: C e a F, C G F high: d a F a, C F / istok.de/14495-3

QRWhite Sun: Fm C D# A#, Fm C high: C# G# D# A#, F Fm / istok.de/14495-4
or e B D A, e B high: C G D A, E e (Cap1)

QRJai-Jagdeesh: Cm G# high: D# G# / Am F high: C F (Cap3) / istok.de/14495-5

QRSat Kirin Kaur Khalsa: / istok.de/14495-6
G# D# Fm C# G# A#m7, D# Fm C# / G D Em C G Am7, D Em C (Cap1)

QRKrishan – Kundalini Chillout Liquid Mantra: / istok.de/14495-7
Cm D# Gm Fm -Gm 2nd: Cm D# G# Fm -Gm
or Am C Em Dm -Em 2nd: Am C F Dm -Em (Cap3)


LOVE is what We are, from the Light within,
Identify with Love and we are safe,
We are home to find ourselves……♥

You, divine one, have become my refuge
true is your support
great creative infinite

Der Herr selbst ist zu meinem Beschützer geworden.
Der Wahrste der Wahren hat sich meiner angenommen. Gott, Gott, Gott.

Ty, Boski, stałeś się moją ucieczką. Prawdą jest Twoje wsparcie, Wielka Kreatywna Nieskończoność


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