Gobinday Mukanday

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QRSatkirin Kaur Khalsa, overcoming Negativity (Echo possible): / istok.de/17366-1

QRSnatam Kaur (Echo) C F C: / istok.de/17366-2

QRTera Naam: Cm G# D# Gm, G# D# G# Gm, Hari: G# D# Gm Cm /
Also with Capo: Am F C Em, F C F Em, Hari:F C Em Am  / istok.de/17366-3

Gobinday:Sustainer, Mukunday:Liberator, Udaray:Enlgihtener, Apaaray:Infinite, Hariang:Destroyer, Kariang:Creator, Nirnamay:Nameless, Akaamay:Desireless


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