Grandmother Song-I hear the voice

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QRDeanna Drai Turner, Sandy Vaughn: /

Original Sandy Vaughn:

QRSheffy Oren Bach: /
//: I hear the voice of my grandmother calling me
I hear the voice of my grandmother’s song ://
She says: wake up, wake up child, wake up, wake up child…Listen…
She says: stand in your power woman, stand in your power man…Listen…
She says: give birth, give life mother, give birth, give life father…Listen…
She says: share love, share love sister , share love, share love brother…Listen…
She says: share wisdom elder , share wisdom elder…Listen…

Nature, Joy & Wisdom:

Edmunds J:

Aditional text from Sandy Vaughn, sent from a user (Not in Book):

I’ve been here a long long time
Before the dawn of humankind
I’ll still be here when you are gone
My spirit moving strong

I’ve seen great peoples come and go
As each of us must
I’ve heard their songs as each one passed
Their glories turned to dust

And some forget from where they came
From where they draw their life
The same spirit moving in your heart
Moves all the stars at night

The Spirit moves beneath the waves
It soars up in the sky
It moves through all the life on Earth
All equal in my eyes

So here my words I’m telling you
I’ll calling out to you
Chose with care all that I give
Respect what you might chose

From some day you too will be gone
As the leafs falls from the trees
The life you’ve lived upon this Earth
Will be your legacy


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