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    Ho Spirit

    Ho! Spirit, Air Spirit, Golden wings come dance with me. Ho! Spirit, Fire Spirit, Crimson passion burn in me. Ho! Spirit, Water Spirit, Tears and ocean blend in me. Ho! Spirit, Earth Spirit, Stone and crystal steady me. Artist: Moving Breath, Album: She Changes: [/member_container]QRMoving Breath: /

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    Om Nama Shiva – Adi Shakti

    1)Om Nama Shiva, Om Nama Shiva / C# Om Nama Shiva, Om Nama Shiva / G# 2)Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti Namo Namo / C# G# [/member_container]QRHenry Marshall (Canon): /

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    I am Filled with the Light

    I am filled by the light / CG Of a thousand angels / Am F Softly on my way / FG Softly on my way (to you) / Dm G CG7 Joy / C joy is in my heart / C Am Joy is in my heart / Dm Joy is in my heart /...

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    Beauty Is Eternity

    Beauty is eternity gazing in a mirror but you are eternity and you are the mirror Ya jamil (x8) You are life and you are the veil (x2) (Am/E Am B7/ /E Am/ /) [/member_container]QRAct on Wisdom: /

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    Dhimita Dhimita Dhimi

    Dhimita dhimita dhimi dhimita dhimita dimi, Nache bola nath (2x)/ Nache bola nath (4x) (a G F C) Capo2, Chant to Shiva [/member_container]QRAct on Wisdom: /

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    Altissimo Corazon

    Altissimo corazon (x3) que floresca Que floresca la luz (x3) que floresca (Em/D/C/B7) [/member_container]QRMoonwomen1: / (Spanish – The highest heart, how it blossoms, how the light blossoms) * Herzmantra* Lass Dein Herz erblühen * Madonna von Guadelupe Song to worship the Madonna of Guadelupe, Mexico

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    Hey Hey Ya Hey Ungawa

    Hey hey ya hey hey unguwa (x7) hey unguwa hey unguwa (Chumash – honoring the ancestors, sung to the directions) [/member_container]QRAct on Wisdom (Acapella): /

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    Hollow Bamboo

    //: I am* a hollow bamboo (A E D A) Opening up your heart (A E) and let your light shine through :// (D A) [/member_container]QRAct on Wisdom (*We are): /

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    Light of Water

    Let flow light of water let flow (Am G C – E7) Let flow light of water let flow (Am G F – G) //: A-I-O :// 1.(Am G C E7) 2.(Am G F G) [/member_container]QRAct on Wisdom: /

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    All will be well

    All will be well, And all will be well / a d, G e All manner of things will be well / F G d [/member_container]QR Act on Wisdom: /

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    Love Love Love Love

    Love love love love, People we are made for love (a G)(a E) Love each other as ourselves, For we are one (a G)(a E7) [/member_container]QR Act on Wisdom (Melody: Spann den Wagen): / Dear friends Dear friends, Let me tell you how I feel You have given me such treasures, I love you so...

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    Who Is In My Temple

    Who is in my Temple, Who is in my Temple (G e)(G e) All the doors do open themselves, All the lights do light themselves (G e)(G D e) Darkness like a dark bird, Flies away flies away (D)(G e G e) [/member_container]QR Act on Wisdom (1/3): /

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