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Heather Frahn

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Heather Frahn

Singer, Songwriter, Song/Chant Circle Leader, Sound Therapist, Meditation Guide

Thank you Ananda for providing us all with this wonderful 'Rainbow Songs' online platform. I am so happy to be part of this worldwide community of sacred song and chant lovers!


About Heather Frahn: Biography:

With a career spanning over two decades, Heather Frahn has shared her sonic magic nationally and internationally as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, sound designer, musical director, performer, meditation teacher, and sound therapist.

Her multi-dimensional work in the performing and healing arts ranges across diverse applications from hospital wards, to remote communities, from yoga centers to public parades, from national radio to some of the finest arts festivals and theatre stages in Australia, Korea, New York, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

Heather’s compelling music compositions for performing arts companies and theatre productions feature live and pre-recorded audio elements, exploring both acoustic and digital realms of instrumentation.

As a singer-songwriter she promotes peace, unity, and positive social change, embracing eclectic music styles, and singing lyrics to inspire, with her rich dynamic voice.

Heather’s therapeutic sound-based art with therapeutic sound instruments like Himalayan singing bowls and Chinese gongs, finds the meeting point between sound healing resonance, mindful stillness meditation, and improvised experimental music creation.

Having touched the hearts of many, received critical acclaim, and been acknowledged with awards for excellence, Heather Frahn is not just an artist. She is a positive force.


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