Mul Mantra

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QR Amrit Kirtan (Mool Mantra): /

QR Snatam Kaur (Groovy): d a C G d  / high: A# d a d /

QR GuruGanesha Band (Groovy): / C G d 4x / F G a – F G E E7 /

Ek ong kaar….
God is One, I am One with all beings
Sat Nam…
Truth is God’s Name… The vibration of God’s Name is what created all beings…. that vibration is within me…. therefore in my core I am true.
Karta Purkh…
God is the Doer…. God does all things… God works through me…. God works through everyone in my life.
God is fearless… I am fearless.
God has no revenge…. I exist in my heart… I stay present… I don’t hold on to the past…. I live in this moment in full compassion and acceptance of what is.
Akal Murat
God exists in the undying form… God is in the purity of our efforts to live in a spiritual way, and these efforts never die… these efforts live on forever.
God is unborn…. God does not relate to birth and death…. God is beyond the cycles of life…. God is infinite… I am infinite
God is self illumined… I am self illumined. Within me I have the power to find light, to find love, to find joy. I don’t need anyone or anything for this.
Guru Prasaad
It is by Guru’s Grace…. it is the Grace of the teachings of the Divine One…. the Guru…. Guru Nanak, Jesus, Mohammed, the Masters of all traditions that give us Grace.
Aad Sach
True in the Beginning
Jugaad Sach
True throughout the ages
Haibhee Sach
True here and now
Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach
Oh Nanak, forever and always true. Spirit, Truth, Love, and Light…. these are the things that are true, that have always been true.
This is the Mul Mantra….


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