Prabhu Aap Jago

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QRNicole Salmi (Capo2): /

QRAwaken LOVE Band: /
AmCGAm //: Mere: CGFAm :// //: Sukantak: DmAm Prabhu:CG :/4/

QRAwaken LOVE Band: /
//: Gm A# F Gm :/6/ //: D# A# F Gm :// //: F – D# A# (4thx F) :/4/
Also: //: Em G D Em :/6/ //: C G D Em :// //: D – C G (4thx D) :/4/  (Capo 3)

(Same as above) Flor Serradourada (Claudia Schroeder) + Awaken LOVE Band: (Groovy)

QRPrem Jitendra: /
D# Cm D# G# / Sukantak:Fm Dm G# D# Prabhu: D# Cm / high: Cm D# G#
Also: C Am C F / Sukantak:Fm Bm F C Prabhu: C Am / high: Am C F (Capo3)

QRCristal – Sachcha Mission Brazil (Sri Prem Baba): /
Am Em -G, Am Em -G, Dm Am, Dm Am

QRCorrente de Prabhu Ap Jago-Chain of Prabhu Ap Jago: /
Dm A, Dm A, Gm C Dm, A# A7

Oh God of my heart, wake up in me, supreme Lord wake up
Wake up my whole being, wake up all beings everywhere
End this era of pain and suffering
Bring in the era of joy and bliss. !!

Lord, You wake up! Lord, You wake up!
Lord, You wake up! The highest of the highest wake up!
Everywhere inside of me wake up! Everywhere outside of me wake up!
Lord, You wake up! The highest of highest WAKE UP !

God Awaken in my brothers and sisters.
God Awaken in everyone everywhere. !

Deus desperte.
Deus desperte em mim.
Desperte em todos os lugares.
Acabe com o jogo do sofrimento.
Ilumine o jogo da alegria.


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