Teach us to Remember

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QRMunir Peter Reynolds, Dances of Universal Peace: / istok.de/17953

samdances, Arabic by Narayan:

Dance Verses:
1. Teach us to remember
2. and to Thy Grace surrender
3. Show Lord the way of Love
4. Show Lord the way of Light
5. Show Lord the way of Truth
6. Show Lord the way of Life
Dance Movements
1. Circle holding hands, 4 steps in, raising arms
2. Release hands, 4 steps back, lowering arms, palms up, bowing.
3. Walking counter-clockwise, hands on heart,
4. Walking counter-clockwise, Zoroastrian sun-sign, arms extended,
5. Walking counter-clockwise, crossed wrists,
6. Spin in place, to the right.


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